You deserve your love!

Love - the greatest power available to human beings. The life force due to which there is existence. But we all tend to fail to feel this transcendental energy of love every day of our life because we fail to love our own selves. We all wish to live a life of happiness and abundance but deep down we feel undeserving of it, unworthy of it, and we feel we are not good enough to achieve and be whoever we want to be. This is because there is a lack of self-love. When you view life with the filter of self-love, you will not only live your dream life but will also see ‘that’ love in every person, situation, experience and creation. That's the power of self love! I am on a mission to create a ripple effect on earth by impacting millions on how one can heal and manifest one's dream life through pure self love. It will be a revolution which will raise the vibration of the entire planet and transmute the negative energy into that of LOVE. Everyone will be a mirror of each other and love will mirror love! Love shall conquer ALL! For this to happen, all you gotta do is -

Be Your YOUnique

Your Power Is Here

The most under-rated tool becomes your greatest discovery. Heal yourself, transform your life and go after your dreams like nobody's watching! Your time is now!

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Meet Your Coach

Hi, my name is Shruti Sethi. I am a certified life coach and Law of Attraction practioner. I am also a youtuber and a fitness enthusiast.

Over the years I truly understood the meaning of ‘Life is your best teacher.’ Everybody has their own life journey which is unique in its own way but one thing we all experience in common is the person we become through those life experiences. And guess what makes your journey special? That it is YOURS! You have walked that path and that’s why no one understands YOU better than YOU! 

Not so long ago, I hated myself to the point where I felt there is no purpose as to why I am even alive. It made me question my existence on this planet Earth. It took me a lot of inner work (A LOTTT) to get to this point in my life where I can proudly preach and vouch for the most under-rated practices of all times - SELF LOVE! 

Today, I am inspiring over 4,00,000 people to feel better, look better, start their fitness journey, enjoy spiritual practices, and become a better version of themselves with my presence on different social media platforms. As it turns out to become my passion, here I am on a mission to empower millions of people out there to heal and create through the power of self-love. This is the only medicine we need!